Nothing beats a beautiful day driving out into the Tuscan countryside, and enjoying the beauty all around you while tasting wines, some of which never even leave Italy!

For my clients who stay in Florence, I like to plan a day out in Chianti  with a  private car and driver.  A wonderful stop not even 15 minutes out of central Florence is the gorgeous Villa Cora, a restored palazzo that is now an incredibly romantic hotel.   When I last visited, it was home base for Selena Gomez and the Weekend!    It’s such a beautiful property, I  usually arrange for my clients to eat breakfast there, or at least stop for a cappuccino, on their way out to their wine tastings.

Here are some pictures from the Villa Medicea Di Lilliano family-owned wine estate, which also produces very fine olive oil.  There are many properties to choose from, all depends on your preferences.  But you simply can’t  go wrong in surroundings like this!