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The “MUST-SEES” in EGYPT-Part 1

The Sphinx

Yes, everyone who goes to Egypt wants to see the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

And they certainly are MUST-SEES.

But so is Sakkara, the VERY FIRST PYRAMID from 2700 B.C. and pre-dating the pyramids at Giza!

Sakkara the Step Pyramid, 2700 B.C.

It’s about 45 minutes outside of Cairo. The day we went, there was NO ONE THERE except excavation teams. Their work is never done in Egypt! There are tombs all over this site.

We were able to go INSIDE the Sakkara pyramid, which opened to the public for the first time ever last year. The inside shaft was completely hand-dug and it’s an engineering feat-especially when you remind yourself that it is almost 5,000 years old.

There’s a small museum dedicated to the genius architect of Sakkara, Imhoetep, who designed this for King Zoser. Very worthy to spend time inside checking out the artifacts that have been found onsite, including this gorgeous blue tile, check it out in the video clip below:

Tools and paint palettes!

A New Friend

I recommend Sakkara as a DO NOT MISS when in Egypt!

And of course we went to check out the Pyramids at Giza. It was super hot and hazy but once again, there was hardly any people here! You simply are in awe looking at these last great wonders of the ancient world, and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Did you know you can go INSIDE the Great Pyramid (that would be the largest one)?

I recommend only if you are not claustrophobic, not afraid of heights as its pretty steep, and don’t mind crouching for a long way! I could only get this far. And-there’s NOTHING inside anyway!

INSIDE the Great Pyramid!
And you will probably take cheesy pics like this!
And you will probably do this!

The Sphinx is also on the Giza plateau, and—it’s smaller than you think!

To give you some idea of scale….
Had to walk around Security to get this front-on pic

There’s a nightly Sound & Light Show at the Pyramids, but don’t expect a Disney-esque presentation, more like 1970’s Richard Burton doing Marc Antony!

The Sound & Light Show at the Pyramids

Questions about Egypt? Just reach out to us!


Office: 240-744-4749

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