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I am really behind on my travel blogging!  My number one New Years resolution is to stay current on my blogging!

I recently returned from Prague, a city I had curiously never been to, with all the time I’ve spent in Europe.  Was I missing something!

I went on an AMA Waterways Christmas Market river cruise (fabulous, and that will be a separate post!) from Budapest to Nuremburg and then I did an extension on my own to Prague, the city of a hundred spires.

I think Prague is on par with Paris in terms of sheer architectural city beauty.  WOW is all I could think as I was walking–or more likely climbing as it’s really the city of hills.

I stayed in a hotel in the Lesser Strana, across the river from the Old Town and right at the foot of Prague Castle.  I would recommend staying in this area, it’s  easy to walk to the Old Town but you are a bit away from the tourist craziness around Wencelas Square.   And you are close to Prague Castle, which is really a complex of buildings (the seat of government and where the President lives).  Prague Castle skyline is dominated by the famous St Vitus Cathedral, shown below.

The Golden Lane is part of the Prague Castle complex, and was originally military barracks that then became goldsmiths’ shops, hence the name.  Like something out of a fairy tale:

Walking across the Charles Bridge, especially on a  foggy evening, is like something out of a spy movie, it’s so darkly atmospheric:

The Christmas Market in Wenceslas Square was beautiful, and the streets were humming with locals and tourists eating and drinking in the holiday mood:

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